Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent 2.2 Guide for Apache Tomcat 5.5 Servlet/JSP Container

About Installation Prompts in Agent for Apache Tomcat Servlet/JSP Container

The following list provides information about specific prompts in the installation. Often the prompt is self explanatory. However, at other times you might find the extra information presented here to be very helpful. This extra information is often not obvious. Study this section carefully before issuing the agentadmin --install command.

The Deployment URI for the Agent Application

The deployment URI for the agent application is required for the agent to perform necessary housekeeping tasks such as registering policy and session notifications, legacy browser support, and CDSSO support. Accept /agentapp as the default value for this interaction. Once the installation is completed, browse the directory PolicyAgent-base/etc. Use the agentapp.war file to deploy the agent application in the application container. Please note that the deployment URI for agent application during install time should match the deployment URI for the same application when deployed in the J2EE container.

The Encryption Key

This key is used to encrypt sensitive information such the passwords. The key should be at least 12 characters long. A key is generated randomly and provided as the default. You can accept the random key generated by the installer or create your own using the .agentadmin --getEncryptKey command.

For information about creating a new encryption key, see agentadmin --getEncryptKey.

The Agent Profile Name

An agent profile should have been created as a pre-installation step. The creation of the agent profile is mentioned in that section. For the pre-installation steps, see Preparing to Install Agent for Apache Tomcat Servlet/JSP Container. For the actual information on creating an agent profile, see Creating a J2EE Agent Profile.

In summary, the J2EE agent communicates with Access Manager with a specific ID and password created through an agent profile using Access Manager Console. For J2EE agents, the creation of an agent profile is mandatory. Access Manager uses the agent profile to authenticate an agent. This is part of the security infrastructure.

The J2EE Password File

The J2EE password file should have been created as a pre-installation step. For the pre-installation steps, see Preparing to Install Agent for Apache Tomcat Servlet/JSP Container.

When the installation program prompts you for the password for the agent, enter the fully qualified path to this password file.

After you have completed all the steps, a summary of your responses appears followed by options that allow you to navigate through those responses to accept or reject them.

When the summary appears, note the agent instance name, such as agent-001. You might be prompted for this name during the configuration process.

About the options, the default option is 1, Continue with Installation.

You can edit your responses as necessary, return to the options list, and choose option 1 to finally process your responses.