Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

ProcedureTo Develop a Sequence for Host B

The following high-level tasks are required:

  1. Checking the installation sequence guidelines

    Check to see what sequence guidelines apply. Refer to Table 2–1.

  2. Checking the installation prerequisites

    Check to see what installation prerequisites apply. Refer to Table 1–3.

  3. Running the Java ES installer to install a web container

    The web container must be configured and started.

  4. Running the Java ES installer to install Access Manager SDK

  5. Resolving incompatibilities

    The installer verifies software on your host and provides guidance if incompatibilities are identified.

  6. Selecting the Configure Later type

  7. Running the installation

  8. Viewing the Installation Summary and Log

  9. Verifying that your web container is installed and running

  10. Editing the amsamplesilent file in the AccessManager-base directory

    Solaris OS: /opt/SUNWam/bin

    Linux and HP-UX: /opt/sun/identity/bin

    1. Copy the amsamplesilent file to am.sdk_install.

    2. Edit the am.sdk_install file by modifying the following parameters:




      • ADMIN_PORT

      • DS_HOST






      • AM_ENC_PWD

      • NEW_OWNER

      • NEW_GROUP



    3. Modify only the following parameters in the am.sdk_install file:

      • DEPLOY_LEVEL should be set to 4.

      • SERVER_HOST and SERVER_PORT should be set to the host and port of the full server which will be used by Access Manager SDK.

      • DS_HOST, DS_DIRMGRPASSWD, and ROOT_SUFFIX should be set to the hostname, directory manager password, and root suffix of the Host A Directory Server.

      • ADMINPASSWD and AMLDAPUSERPASSWD should be set to the amadmin and amldapuser passwords used on Host A.

      • AM_ENC_PWD should be set to the password encryption key used on Host A. For the Access Manager SDK, use the same encryption key for AM_ENC_PWD as the encryption key specified during the remote installation of Access Manager on Host B. Use the following command to obtain this value on Solaris OS: grep pwd /etc/opt/SUNWam/config/ On Linux and HP-UX, use grep pwd /etc/opt/sun/identity/config/

      • WEB_CONTAINER should be set to the corresponding value for the web container being used.

      • BASEDIR should be set to the install directory used during the Configure Later installation of Access Manager SDK.

      • AM_REALM should be set to Enabled if realm mode is used on Host A, and Disabled if legacy mode is used on Host A.

      • Find the settings corresponding to the web container that will be used for the SDK and modify these settings with the details of the web container. For example, if WEB_CONTAINER is set to WS (Sun Java System Web Server), then you should modify the settings which are prefixed by WS_ (WS_INSTANCE , WS_HOME, WS_PROTOCOL and so on.)

  11. As root, deploying Access Manager using the edited am.sdk_install file:

    ./amconfig -s ./am.sdk_install

  12. Restarting your web container