Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Starting and Stopping Application Server

Application Server is configured as a domain. The Java ES installer creates the default administrative domain with the default port number 4849. The Administration Server instance name is server. To use Application Server after postinstallation configuration is complete, start the domain and access the graphical Administration Console. More information can be found in the Chapter 1, Getting Started, in Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Administration Guide.

Note –

Starting Application Server also starts Message Queue.

ProcedureTo Start the Application Server Domain

  1. On the command line, change to ApplicationServer-base/bin.

    Note –

    The contents of the administrator password file should be AS_ADMIN_PASSWORD=password.

  2. Start the domain. For example:

    % asadmin start-domain --user admin-id --passwordfile path_to_admin-password_file domainname
  3. Enter the values that you provided during installation.

    A message is displayed telling you that the server is starting:

    Starting Domain domain1, please wait. Log redirected to install_dir...

    When the startup process has completed, an additional message is displayed:

    Domain domain1 started
  4. Verify that the Application Server processes are running. For example, on Solaris OS:

    /usr/bin/ps -ef | grep appserv
    /opt/SUNWappserver/appserver/lib/appservDAS domain1

ProcedureTo Access the Administration Console

    To access the Administration Console, use the following URL format in your browser: https://localhost:port

    If the browser is running on the host where the Application Server was installed, specify localhost for the host name. If the browser is on another system, replace localhost with the name of the system that the Application Server software is running. Replace the port variable with the Administration port number assigned during installation. The default port number assigned during installation is 4849. For example:

    Display of the Administration Console Login screen confirms successful installation.

    Note –

    More information on installing the Application Server, the Domain Administration Server, and its various port numbers and concepts can be found in the Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Installation Guide.

ProcedureTo Stop Application Server

  1. On the command line, change to ApplicationServer-base/bin.

  2. Stop the Application Server instances. For example:

    ./asadmin stop-domain --domain domain1
  3. Verify that Application Server is no longer running. For example:

    /usr/bin/ps -ef | grep appserv