Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Surveying Installed Java ES Software

Perform one of the following procedures to review the Java ES product component software that is already installed on each host.

ProcedureTo Use the Uninstaller for Viewing Installed Software

  1. As root, navigate to the directory where the uninstaller is located:

    • Solaris OS: /var/sadm/prod/SUNWentsys5

    • Linux and HP-UX: /var/sadm/prod/sun-entsys5

  2. To survey the local host, run the uninstaller without uninstalling software.

    For graphical mode:

    ./uninstall -no

    For text-based mode:

    ./uninstall -no -nodisplay

    To see the full syntax for the uninstall command, refer to uninstall Command.

  3. Proceed through the uninstaller pages until you reach the list of installed products.

  4. After viewing the list of installed product components, exit the uninstaller.

    No software has been uninstalled.

ProcedureTo Use the Solaris prodreg Utility for Viewing Installed Software

    Use the prodreg utility to view information about all packages installed on your system, including Java ES product components.

    This information is useful when checking for product component dependencies. The prodreg utility also indicates packages that are incomplete and might need special handling. On the Solaris 10 and Solaris 9 operating systems, run the utility as follows:


    For more information, see the prodreg man page.