Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Application Server Uninstallation Behavior

Table 8–3 Application Server Uninstallation Details



Configuration Data and User Data (Solaris OS and Linux only) 

  • The default domain created during installation is removed during uninstallation.

  • User-created domains, including all administrative server and Application Server instances, are not removed during uninstallation.

  • All Administration Server and Application Server instances are stopped prior to the completion of uninstallation.

Other Installations This Component Requires 

Requires Message Queue on the same system. 

Products Requiring This Installation 

Components that are configured to use Application Server as web container. 

Pre-Uninstallation Tasks 

To preserve configuration data, make a copy of the administration domain directories. 


To completely remove Application Server from your system, remove any remaining Application Server log files and directories. Default locations for Application Server directories are: 

Solaris OS: 


/opt/SUNWappserver/appserver or ApplicationServer-base

Linux and HP-UX: 



Refer to Message Queue Uninstallation Behavior for information on Message Queue post-uninstallation tasks.