Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Appendix A Java ES Components for This Release

This appendix lists the product components and shared components that are part of the Sun JavaTM Enterprise System (Java ES) software.

Product Components

In the Choose Software Components page of the Java ES installer, the product components are grouped by the services they help to provide. The following list also shows the subcomponents that are installed with each product component.

Note –

HP-UX does not support Sun Cluster components, Directory Preparation Tool, HADB, or third-party web containers. Linux does not support Sun Cluster components, and only supports the BEA WebLogic third-party container for Configure Now.

Collaboration Services

Web & Application Services

Directory & Identity Services

Availability Services

Note –

Sun Cluster components are not available on Linux or HP-UX.

Shared Services

Shared Components

Shared components provide the local services and technology support for the product components. When you install Java ES product components, the installer automatically installs the shared components required if they are not already installed. Shared components are not selectable.

This release of Java ES includes these shared components: