Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

ProcedureTo Create an Image from the DVD

Java ES supports multiple architectures. This example procedure provides instructions for making a Solaris SPARC installation image available on your site network.

  1. Log in as root or become superuser.

  2. Create a shared directory on your network. For example:

    mkdir shared-location/java_es-5
  3. Access your installation files from the DVD.

    The DVD contains Java ES versions of multiple architectures. Copy only what you need.

  4. Copy the files and media structure in the media root directory.

    find . -print -maxdepth 1 | cpio -pdum shared-location/java_es-5  
  5. Copy the License folder.

    find ./License -print  | cpio -pdum shared-location/java_es-5
  6. Copy the README folder.

    find ./README -print | cpio -pdum shared-location/java_es-5 
  7. Copy the architecture you need.

    find ./Solaris_sparc -print | cpio -pdum shared-location/java_es-5 

    Note –

    To copy all architectures:

    cd /cdrom/cdrom0
    find . -print | cpio -pdum shared-location/java_es-5