Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

ProcedureTo Uninstall Software

Before removing software from your system, the uninstaller lists the product components you have selected for removal and the total disk space that will be reclaimed.

  1. Review the uninstallation selections you have made and make any changes needed as follows:

    1. Click Back through successive pages until the Select Components page is displayed.

    2. Make changes as needed page.

    3. Click Next to proceed again through the uninstaller pages.

      The uninstaller remembers previously-specified values. You can modify any value you previously specified.

  2. Click Next when you are satisfied with your selections.

    The uninstaller begins removing software from your system and displays the following:

    • A progress bar that displays the overall completion percentage

    • The name of the package currently being removed

    • The Uninstallation Complete page displays after all product component software has been removed.

  3. Click View Summary or View Log for information about the uninstallation.

    • Uninstallation summary. Shows the product components that were uninstalled and a list of configuration information for the product components.

    • Uninstallation log. Shows all messages that were generated by the uninstaller during uninstallation.

    • You can also review the uninstallation summary and log files:

      Solaris OS: /var/sadm/install/logsLinux and HP-UX: /var/opt/sun/install/logs

  4. Click Close to exit the uninstaller.

  5. If you uninstalled Access Manager or Service Registry, go to Completing Post-uninstallation Tasks.