Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Service Registry Uninstallation Behavior

Table 8–11 Service Registry Details for Uninstallation



Configuration Data 

The Registry configuration process installs the Registry database domain and server keystore in the following directory: 

  • Solaris OS: /var/opt/SUNWsrvc-registry

  • Linux and HP-UX: /var/opt/sun/srvc-registry

The directory is not removed when Service Registry is uninstalled. This allows you to preserve the database for use in a future installation or release if you want.  

Other Installations This Component Requires 

Application Server (Domain Administration Server and Command-Line Administration Tool) 


Message Queue 

Products Requiring This Installation 


Pre-Uninstallation Tasks 

1. Navigate to the ServiceRegistry–base/install directory.

2. Stop the Service Registry domain as follows: 

.../ant -f build-install.xml appserver.domain.stop

3. Delete the Service Registry domain as follows: 

.../ant —f build-install.xml appserver.domain.delete

If you want to preserve the Registry database for future use, copy the /var/opt/SUNWsrvc-registry/3.0 directory (on Solaris OS) or /var/opt/sun/srvc-registry/3.0 (on Linux and HP-UX) directory to another location before you reinstall the Registry.

Post-Uninstallation Tasks 

For information on some optional tasks, refer to Service Registry Post-uninstallation Tasks