Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Service Registry Post-uninstallation Tasks

In some cases, the uninstaller might not be able to remove some or all of your installation files. To do a final cleanup, remove the ServiceRegistry-base directory and its contents at the following location:

The directory that contains the Service Registry database, domain, and keystores is not removed when you uninstall the Registry:

You can remove it manually if you want. However, to preserve the database for use in a future installation or release, copy the following directory to another location before you reinstall the Registry, then copy it back after you reinstall:

For reinstallation, if you made a copy of the Registry database before you installed Service Registry, copy it back after you reinstall. After restoring the database and keystore files (stored in the 3.0 directories), run the following command using platform-specific variants:

.../ant —f build-install.xml appserver.domain.stop export.registryOperatorCert install.cacerts \

This enables existing users to have continued use of the Service Registry Web Console.