Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for UNIX

Patch Requirements

During installation, the Java ES installer identities any missing software patches and asks you to install these patches on the host. You must install most missing patches before proceeding with installation. However, in some cases, you are allowed to proceed without installing a missing patch. In this case, if you choose to proceed, you are warned that installation might fail or software might malfunction. To continue with installation, you must confirm that you want to proceed without installing the missing patches.

For information on patches required for this release of Java ES, refer to the Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Release Notes for UNIX.

ProcedureTo Install a Patch

The following example procedure provides instructions for installing a Solaris OS patch.

  1. Go to the Sunsolve site:

    (Location for HP-UX patches:; Location for Linux patches:

  2. Click Patches and Updates.

  3. Enter the patch number in the PatchFinder text box, and click Find Patch.

  4. Download the zip file for the patch.

  5. Expand the zip file. For example: unzip

    A directory is created for the patch files.

  6. Apply the patch. For example: patchadd 117885-44

  7. Back in the Java ES installer, click Check Again. All system requirements are rechecked.