Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Monitoring Guide

Installed Directory Layout

As a shared component, the Monitoring Framework is automatically installed whenever it is needed. For the name of the package installed on your operating system, see Chapter 5, List of Installable Packages, in Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Reference for UNIX. The following table describes the directories in the Monitoring Framework package. The default installation directory mfwk-base has the following meaning, as described in Default Paths and File Names:

Table 2–1 Directories Used by the Monitoring Framework


Description of contents 


Template for a configuration file 

Solaris systems: mfwk-base/lib

Linux systems: mfwk-base/share/lib

Java archive (.jar) files

Solaris systems: mfwk-base/lib

Linux systems: mfwk-base/share/lib

32–bit runtime library files (.so)

Solaris SPARC® systems: mfwk-base/lib/sparcv9

Solaris x86 systems: mfwk-base/amd64

Linux systems: mfwk-base/lib64

64–bit runtime library files (.so)


Public scripts and private binaries 


Text versions of SNMP MIBs supported by the Monitoring Framework 


Common Agent Container descriptor templates for agent and master agent (deployed by the mfwksetup command)


DTD files for the OSS/J functionality. 


Configuration files, including security-related ones 


Common Agent Container descriptors for agents and examples 


Log files of the Monitoring Framework 


Base directory for monitoring rule reports 


Repository for alarm files