Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Monitoring Guide

Troubleshooting the Monitoring Console

See also the known issues listed in the Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Release Notes for UNIX.

If the master agent is conflicting with a node agent, check the following conditions:

If you uninstall the Monitoring Console and reinstall it on the same host, it will fail to initialize and will not appear in the Web Console. In this case, run the masetup –i command on the Monitoring Console host to initialize the master agent. Then follow the procedure to To Launch the Monitoring Console.

Monitoring rules have a limitation that only allows them to be disabled when they are active. If you wish to disable a rule whose schedule makes it inactive at the current time, you must either change its schedule to make it active briefly, or remove the rule entirely.

Due to limitations the Windows platform, the handleCount and threadCount values in the host statistics are always 0 (zero).