Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Monitoring Guide

Using the Monitoring Framework with Application Server

See Instrumentation of Application Server for the list of objects and attributes you can monitor.

ProcedureTo Enable Monitoring in Application Server

  1. Edit the file /var/AppServer-base/domains/domain1/config/domain.xml and change all module-monitoring-level settings from OFF to HIGH. Alternatively:

    1. Log onto the Application Server administration console at https://hostname:4849

    2. Select Configurations, then select server-config (Admin Config)

    3. Set the Monitoring value to HIGH

    4. Set all other values to HIGH

  2. Restart Application Server with the following commands:

    cd AppServer-base/appserv/bin
    asadmin stop-domain domain1
    asadmin start-domain user myUser domain1

    Enter the password for myUser when prompted.

  3. If you have deployed and monitored an instance of Portal Server with Application Server, the process of restarting Application Server interferes with Portal Server monitoring. To make the Portal Server instance appear in the Monitoring Console, you must visit a portal page in a browser. For example, load the page to allow monitoring of


Due to a limitation, the monitored objects for Application Server are removed from the Monitoring Framework when Application Server crashes or is down. When this happens, Application Server disappears from the Monitoring Console and can no longer be monitored.