Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Monitoring Guide

ProcedureTo Enable Monitoring of the Common Agent Container

The Common Agent Container is a shared component that has instrumentation to allow monitoring. As described in Node Agents, all Java ES components on a host or in a zone share the Common Agent Container and the node agent. Perform this task as root on every logical host in your deployment where you wish to monitor the Common Agent Container.

  1. If the Common Agent Container is running, stop it with the following command:

    cacaoadm stop
  2. Enable instrumentation of the container itself:

    cacaoadm set-param enable-instrumentation=true
  3. Check the value of the parameter you just set and restart the Common Agent Container:

    cacaoadm get-param enable-instrumentation
    cacaoadm start
  4. Create a key password:

    echo –n password > /etc/mfwk-base/config/security/password.cacao
  5. Generate your key:

    mfwk-base/bin/cpgenkey -n cacao -p /etc/mfwk-base/config/security/password.cacao
  6. Register the Common Agent Container's own monitoring modules:

    cacaoadm register-module /usr/lib/cacao/ext/instrum/config/com.sun.cacao.instrum.xml
    cacaoadm register-module /usr/lib/cacao/ext/instrum_jesmf/config/com.sun.cacao.instrum.jesmf.xml
    cacaoadm register-module /usr/lib/cacao/ext/instrum_jesmf/config/com.sun.cacao.cmm.xml