Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Monitoring Guide

ProcedureTo Enable Monitoring with Instant Messaging

  1. Open the Instant Messaging XML descriptor file for editing:

    vi /etc/IM-base/default/
  2. Change the Install Location from IM-base to /etc/IM-base/default.

  3. Register the modified Instant Messaging XML descriptor:

    mfwk-base/bin/mfwksetup -r /etc/IM-base/default/
  4. Enable Instrumentation by adding the following line to the file IM-base/config/iim.conf:

    iim_server.monitor.enable = true
  5. Restart Instant Messaging with the following commands:

    cd IM-base/sbin
    ./imadmin stop
    ./imadmin start
  6. Restart the Common Agent Container:

    cacaoadm restart