Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Monitoring Guide

The Master Agent

The master agent is deployed on a separate machine as part of the Monitoring Console installation. The master agent is configured with the name or address of all nodes so that it can aggregate the monitored objects from all of the node agents. The master agent is also based on JMX, which it uses to communicate with the node agents, and is also loaded into its local Common Agent Container.

The following diagram represents a master agent connected to two nodes. The Monitoring Console connects to the master agent to monitor the three components on each node. If you wish to use SNMP for monitoring, you must connect to each node separately, because the master agent does not aggregate SNMP attributes. The master agent is designed for use with the Monitoring Console only and cannot be accessed by other monitoring applications.

Figure 1–2 Diagram of the Overall Monitoring Architecture

The master agent connects to several JMX node agents
and exposes all monitored objects for the Monitoring Console.