Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Monitoring Guide


The mfwkadm utility is the command line interface for managing the Monitoring Framework agent, also called the node agent. The node agent runs inside the Common Agent Container. The mfwkadm utility can be used to stop and restart the node agent and to manage the monitoring jobs it performs. This command should be run from the same host where the node agent is running. The order of the arguments of this command presented here must be respected.

To change the language of the output messages, set the LC_MESSAGE environment variable to your locale. The mfwkadm command will use the messages contained in the file named in the lib/resources directory. If the locale has no corresponding file of messages, or if no locale is specified, the mfwkadm command will use the default set of messages in the file

The mfwkadm utility has the following subcommands. Those marked with an asterisk (*) require the Common Agent Container to be running and the node agent to be loaded:

Depending on the number of Common Agent Container modules to load, there is a delay of a few seconds to a few minutes between starting the node agent and the availability of the mfwkadm utility. During this period of time, commands fail with an explicit message.