Sun Java Enterprise System 5 Installation Guide for Microsoft Windows

Web Server-Only Example

This example installs Web Server by itself. Web Server has no dependencies on other Java ES components.

ProcedureTo Install Web Server: Example Sequence

  1. Check the installation sequence guidelines.

    Check which guidelines apply to this example and make adjustments as needed. Refer to Table 2–1.

  2. Check the installation prerequisites.

    Check which tasks you might need to perform for this installation before starting. Refer to Table 1–1.

  3. Run the Java ES installer.

  4. Choose the type of installation, select Custom.

  5. Select the Configure Automatically During Installation or Configure Manually After Installation type.

  6. At component selection, select Web Server.

  7. Resolve incompatibilities.

    The installer verifies software on your host and provides guidance if incompatibilities are identified.

  8. Verify installation directories.

  9. Run the installation.

  10. View the Installation Summary and Log.

  11. Complete postinstallation configuration.

  12. Start Web Server