Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Postinstallation Guide

Sun Java System Web Server 7

This section describes the configuration variables for Web Server 7.

Table 2–4 Web Server 7 Configuration Variables




Name of the Web Server instance on which Access Manager will be configured or deployed. The value should correspond to a directory beneath the WS_HOME value. Default:

Solaris systems: /var/opt/SUNWwbsvr7/https-$SERVER_HOST

Linux systems: /var/opt/sun/webserver7/https-$SERVER_HOST

HP-UX systems: https-$SERVER_HOST

Windows systems: https-hostname


Web Server instance directory. Defaults:  

Solaris systems: /var/opt/SUNWwbsvr7

Linux systems: /var/opt/sun/webserver7/$WS_INSTANCE

HP-UX systems: /var/opt/sun/webserver7

Windows systems: javaes-install-dir/webserver7

javaes-install-dir represents the Java ES 5 installation directory. The default value is C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaES5.


Protocol (http or https) used by the Web Server instance. Default: SERVER_PROTOCOL variable


Fully qualified domain name on which the Web Server instance is listening for connections. Default: SERVER_HOST variable

If you are configuring a Distributed Authentication UI server, set WS_HOST to the same value as the DISTAUTH_HOST variable.


Port on which WS_INSTANCE will listen for connections. Default: 80 (SERVER_PORT variable)


Port on which the Web Server administration instance will listen for SSL connections. Default: 8989 (ADMIN_PORT variable)


User ID of the Web Server administrator. Default: "admin"


Password for the Web Server administrator. Default: Same value as the amadmin password (ADMINPASSWDS variable)