Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Postinstallation Guide

ProcedureTo Install and Configure a Distributed Authentication UI Server

  1. Log in as or become superuser (root) on the Distributed Authentication UI server.

  2. Get the Java ES installer. For information, see Getting the Java ES Installer.

  3. Install the Access Manager web container that you plan to use for the Distributed Authentication UI server:

    • Web Server or Application Server: Install using the Java ES installer.

    • BEA WebLogic Server or IBM WebSphere Application Server: See the respective BEA or IBM product documentation for installation instructions.

  4. Install the Distributed Authentication UI subcomponent by running the Java ES installer with either the Configure Now or Configure Later option. On the installer Component Selection page, check Distributed Authentication.

    If you are using the Configure Now option, see Distributed Authentication UI Server Configuration Variables for the values that you must specify during installation.

  5. If you specified the Configure Later option during the previous step, or if you need to reconfigure the Distributed Authentication UI server, run the amconfig script as follows:

    1. Copy the amsamplesilent file and set the configuration variables in the new file. For example, you might name the new file as DistAuth_config.

      On Windows systems, copy the file to

      For the variables that you need to set, see Distributed Authentication UI Server Configuration Variables.

    2. Run the amconfig script using the new configuration file. For example, on a Solaris system with Access Manager installed in the default directory:

      # cd /opt/SUNWam/bin
      # ./amconfig -s ./DistAuth_config

    On Windows systems, in the amconfig.bat file, change to, and then run the edited amconfig.bat file.

  6. Restart the web container on the Distributed Authentication UI server.

Example 11–1 Distributed Authentication UI Server Sample Configuration File