Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Postinstallation Guide

Access Manager Tuning Scripts

After you install Access Manager, you can tune your deployment for optimum performance using the Access Manager tuning scripts. These scripts allow you to tune Access Manager, the SolarisTM Operating System (OS), the web container, and Directory Server.

The Java Enterprise System installer installs the Access Manager tuning scripts and related files in the following directory, depending on your platform:

AccessManager-base represents the Access Manager base installation directory. The default base installation directory depends on your platform:

The amtune script is a top-level script that calls other tuning scripts as needed. This script is not interactive; before you run amtune, you edit parameters in the amtune-env configuration file to specify the tuning you want to perform for your specific environment. The amtune-env configuration file includes two major sections:

You can run the amtune script in two modes:

The amtune script does not automatically tune Directory Server. Most deployments have applications other than Access Manager that also access Directory Server, so you don’t want to make tuning changes without considering how they would affect the other applications.

Before you tune Directory Server, first back up your Directory Server data.

When you run amtune, the script creates a tar file that contains the Directory Server tuning script, amtune-directory. Untar this file in a temporary directory and then run the script in review mode. When you are certain that your changes are acceptable for all applications at your deployment, run amtune-directory in change mode.

For detailed information about running the tuning scripts and setting tuning parameters in the amtune-env configuration file, see the Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide.