Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Postinstallation Guide

ProcedureTo Deploy an Access Manager 7.1 WAR File in WebLogic Server

  1. On the host server where you want to deploy Access Manager, create a staging directory for the WAR file.

    For example, on a Solaris system: /opt/SUNWam/amwar_staging

  2. Copy the amserver.war file to the staging area.

    To get the amserver.war file, see Getting an Access Manager 7.1 War File.

  3. Backup the weblogic.policy file and then add the Java security permissions to this file, as shown in Adding Access Manager Permissions to the Server Policy File.

  4. Restart the WebLogic Server instance for the new entries to take effect.

  5. Deploy the amserver.war file using either the WebLogic Server Admin Console or the CLI.

  6. Depending on your platform, add the following JavaHelp JAR file (jhall.jar) to the CLASSPATH so the Access Manager Console online help is accessible:

    • Solaris systems: /usr/jdk/packages/

    • Linux systems: /usr/java/packages/

  7. Continue with Configuring Access Manager 7.1 Using the Configurator.