Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Postinstallation Guide

Access Manager 7.1 Single WAR Bootstrap File

An Access Manager instance deployed from a WAR file uses a bootstrap file to determine the location of its configuration data. The bootstrap file is an ASCII text file containing a single entry that specifies the location of the configuration directory for the specific Access Manager instance.

Each configured Access Manager instance on a host server has a unique bootstrap file. When you run the Configurator, a bootstrap file is created with the following name for the specific Access Manager instance:



For example, an Access Manager instance deployed by superuser (root) with Sun Java System Web Server 7 as the web container would have the following bootstrap file:


Each time the Access Manager web container is restarted, the Access Manager instance accesses the single WAR bootstrap file to determine the location of its configuration data. If the single WAR bootstrap file is deleted, Access Manager displays the Configurator page instead of the login page, which allows you to reconfigure the Access Manager instance.

The value in the bootstrap file is determined from the value you enter in the Configurator Configuration Directory field. For example:


Specifying a Bootstrap File in a Different Directory

If you prefer, you can specify that the bootstrap file be created in a directory other than the user's home directory.

ProcedureTo Specify a Bootstrap File in a Different Directory:

  1. Create a staging area for the Access Manager WAR file (amserver.war) on the host server. For example: /amwar.

  2. Extract all files from the amserver.war file in the staging area. For example:

    # cd /amwar
    # jar -xvf zip_root/applications/jdk15/amserver.war

    Where zip_root is the directory where you unzipped the Access Manager 7.1 WAR file.

  3. Add the following entry to the WEB-INF/web.xml file:


    Where user_defined_directory is the new location of the bootstrap file.

  4. Create a new amserver.war file. For example:

    # mkdir ../newamwar
    # jar -cvf ../newamwar/amserver.war *
  5. Deploy the new Access Manager WAR file.

    In this example, if user_defined_directory is programs, the location of the bootstrap file would be: