Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Postinstallation Guide

Uninstalling Access Manager Using the Java ES Uninstaller

Consider the following scenario:

  1. You installed Access Manager 7.1 by running the Java ES installer with the Configure Later option.

  2. You create an Access Manager WAR file by running the amconfig script with DEPLOY_LEVEL=10.

  3. You deployed the WAR file into a web container using the container's CLI or Admin console.

  4. You now want to uninstall Access Manager using the Java ES uninstaller.

The Java ES uninstaller uses the com.sun.identity.webcontainer property in the file to determine the Access Manager web container. For this scenario, this property is always set to WEB_CONTAINER, regardless of the web container where the Access Manager WAR file is actually deployed. During uninstallation, the uninstaller displays the Access Manager panel to gather Web Server information, even though the WAR file might be deployed on Sun Java System Application Server, BEA WebLogic Server, or IBM WebSphere Application Server.

To continue with the uninstallation, accept the default values in Access Manager Web Server uninstaller panel and click Force Uninstallation.