Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Postinstallation Guide

ProcedureTo Add Indexes to Directory Server

  1. Make sure that Directory Server is configured and running.

  2. Add indexes using either the Directory Server Console or the ldapmodify command-line utility.

    See Table A–1 for a list of the recommended Access Manager attributes to index.

    If you use the ldapmodify utility, load the Access Manager index.ldif file, which is available in the following directory, depending on your platform:

    • Solaris systems: /etc/opt/SUNWam/config/ldif

    • Linux and HP-UX systems: /etc/opt/sun/identity/config/ldif

    • Windows systems:javaes-install-dir\identity\config\ldif

      javaes-install-dir represents the Java ES 5 installation directory. The default value is C:\Program Files\Sun\JavaES5.

  3. Restart Directory Server.