Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Postinstallation Guide

Removing the Session Failover Configuration

In this scenario, you want to remove the session failover configuration for a deployment.

ProcedureTo Remove a Session Failover Configuration

  1. In the Access Manager Administration Console, remove the session failover configuration (that is, the secondary configuration under Session Service in the Console).

  2. Restart all the Access Manager servers participating in the cluster.

  3. Shutdown the Message Queue broker instances and amsessiondb instances using the amsfo script on the target systems.

    For more information, see Running the amsfo Script.

  4. In the web container server.xml file, remove the installed locations of the imq.jar and jms.jar files. For example:

    <JAVA javahome="/usr/jdk/entsys-j2se" serverclasspath=
  5. Optionally, uninstall the Message Queue and Berkeley DB components from the target systems.

Next Steps

Several other considerations are: