Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Desktop Global Attributes

This section describes the global attributes for the Desktop Service.

The table below describes the desktop service global attributes and their description.

Table 1–1 Desktop Service - Global Attributes


Default Value 


XML Parsing Validation 

Enable (selected) 

Specifies whether to enforce validation while parsing the display profile XML document. Not selecting this attribute can improve system performance. However, this can potentially introduce corruption in the display profile document because the resulting XML document might include some fragments that do not conform to the DTD (Document Type Definition). 


Disable (not selected) 

Enables Identity Federation so that a user can associate, connect or bind multiple internet service providers’ local identities, enabling them to have one network identity. 

Hosted Provider ID 


Specifies the unique identifier of the host that provides the network identity of a user. 

Session Reap Interval 


Defines in seconds the time interval between checks for removing inactive client sessions. 

Session Idle Time 


Specifies the maximum number of seconds a client session can be idle before it is considered inactive. If a session is idle for more than this value, it is made a candidate for session reaping and can be removed the next time the client session times out. 

Maximum number of Sessions 


Number of authless users can be supported by the Portal Server deployment. 

DisplayProfile Priority 

The default value depends on the type of installation performed. If the sample portal is installed, the DisplayProfile contains the definitions for the built-in providers (the basic providers of Portal Server), such as bookmark and notes. If the sample portal was not installed, the global DisplayProfile value is blank or zero. 

Displays several controls for manipulating the global display profile, an XML document that defines the container management, channel attributes, and provider definitions for the organization. The controls include: 

  • Disable Authentication-less Access for Federated Users--Prevents a user with a federated network identity to access the portal without entering a user name and password.

  • Upload XML--Allows you to upload an XML file containing display profile information to the Portal Server.

  • Download XML--?Allows you to download the display profile to your local drive.

  • Parent and Edit Container Management--Provides a graphical user interface to manage container channels and channels without the need to edit the XML file.

    These links are not attributes. Selecting these links allows you to manipulate the display profile.

    Display profile elements defined in the global display profile are inherited by all users on the system, regardless of the organization or role to which they belong.

Anonymous Desktop 

Enable (selected) 

If this value is Enabled, it lists the valid UID's and their passwords for the Anonymous Desktop. Displays several controls for configuring authentication-less configuration of the portal desktop. The controls are: 

  • Add-Click the Add button to add a User DN (Distinguished Name) to the existing list.

  • Delete-From the list of available DNs, select the User DN. Click the Delete button to delete the selected User DN from the list.

  • Set as Default-Select a User DN from the list by selecting the corresponding checkbox. Click the set as Default button to make the selected User DN as a default.