Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


When you select Search Servers tab in the Portal Server console, the Search Servers page appears. This page lists the existing Search Servers. To view an existing Search Server, click on the search server name. The Search Server Settings page for the selected Search Server is displayed.

Table 3–1 Server Settings Attributes


Default Value 




Houses the configuration, log, database, and robot information files. Also it is the root directory for all of the search files that are generated and updated when conducting a search. This is not configurable. 

Document-Level Security 


Controls who can access documents. 

When this setting is changed, the server must be restarted. 


  • off (default) — all users have access to the RDs (Resource Description).

  • on — the ReadACL field in an RD is selected to see if the user asking for the RD has permission because the user is in an acceptable organization or role, or is an acceptable individual user. The ReadACL field is set in the Edit page for a Resource Description.


ID of the selected search server 

Displays the ID of the search server that you selected. 


http://HOST:PORT/search server name

Displays the URL of the search server that you selected.