Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


You cannot customize the parameters, which are marked as Internal. So, you can only configure the debug level and the base directory for additional classes. The parameters available in the file and their description are:



Default desktop type used by the ErrorProvider when DesktopAppContext is available but DesktopContext is not available.















Prefix used for all desktop cookies.

Value of this cookie is <portal_id>.<instance_id>. If Portal Server and Access Manager are running on separate nodes and both of them are available at load-balancer URLs, such cookie will not set by the Portal Server. Although Portal Server works with some performance hit in terms of resource consumption and response times. The recommended value, if used, is <cookiePrefixPropertyValue>.lb.cookie.


Defines number of seconds between scans (checking for changes) of the template files in the /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/<protalid>/config directory. This interval can improve the performance and scalability because the server uses the cached information between scans. The default value is 30 seconds.


DP scan interval controls how often DP updates done by someone other than the user. For example, Administrator is selected before serving portal request. If a DP document (user or shared) is present in the cache, and DP scan interval has not yet elapsed, then the cached copy will be used and the check for modified DP documents does not happen.

The values are:

  • -1 — Scan happens only when user logs in or membership changes.

  • 0 — Scan happens for every request.

  • n — After n seconds from previous scan, any updates to user DP or shared DP will be reflected in system behavior.


This property tells, which type of DP documents should be present as community request parameter to Desktop when membership is determined for DP merge. Contributor types can be separated by | as in


Provider class loader re-validate time interval in seconds, for authless anonymous session only.


Maximum number of event generations.


This is the Application Server execution mode. To turn the parallel execution of the portlets in Application Server off, set this parameter to off.


JSP Scratch directory is used for placing compiled JSPs.

jspCompilerWARClassPath=<Used only on application server>


Used only on application server. For more information on jspCompileWARClassPath, see the desktopconfig.propertiesfile in the /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/<portal_id>/config directory.


Root directory under which all template files are located.


This is the community template base directory.


Root directory under which the customer is allowed to place provider classes, whether those are overriding the bundled providers, or their own new providers (usually the case). They must be placed in this directory, either in a jar at the top level, or in a com (or whatever) package directory.