Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Types of Display Profile Documents

This section explains the different types of display profile documents and how to use the Sun Java System Portal Server console to administer them.

Global Display Profile Document

Defines display profile elements that are inherited by all users on the system, regardless of the organization or role to which they belong. (Although currently not enforced, you might also want to use the display profile XML document to define the common providers that will be used by everyone.)

Dynamic Display Profile Document

Describes container management and properties for channels. This display profile is not ”used’ to generate a user’s Desktop at runtime, but becomes the default for each newly created organization and role. By default, the dynamic display profile document is blank. To use the dynamic display profile, you need to first populate it.

Organization, Suborganization, or Role Display Profile

Shows the display profile for the selected organization, suborganization, or role. When you create a new organization, suborganization, or role, you create a template for this entity. When you create the template for the Desktop service, the initial display profile is set to the dynamic display profile document as mentioned above. Thus, if the dynamic display profile is blank, nothing is filled in.

Most likely, you use this display profile document to customize container management and channel properties to fit the needs of different organizations and roles.