Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Object Lookup

At runtime, the system never asks for properties directly from a provider. The request always goes to a channel. If a Java provider object requests a property, it searches the display profile in the following order until it finds the property, or until it reaches the top of the containment hierarchy:

ProcedureTo Perform Object Lookup:

  1. Channel’s properties

  2. Channel’s provider’s properties

  3. Channel’s parent’s properties

  4. Channel’s parent’s provider’s properties

  5. Channel’s parent’s properties (and so on)

  6. The global properties bag defined in the display profile root definition

    Therefore, when a channel asks for the names of its properties, it gets the set of the union of all the above.

    Properties that exist in a provider object are intended to have the semantics of default values for the channel. For example, for a provider XML that defines property title, all channels that are derived from provider XML inherit the title property. If the channel wants to override this property, it can set the value within its own properties.