Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Process of Merging

When a user logs in to the Portal Server 7.1 Desktop, and after authentication takes place, the system determines the user’s display profile by:

ProcedureTo Determine the User Display Profile:

  1. Locating all the display profile documents for that user by searching through the global display profile, and LDAP organization, suborganization, role, and user nodes that the user belongs to.

  2. Placing the retrieved display profile documents in a temporary area, which can be visualized as a bag.

  3. Sorting the display profile documents in the bag based on priority, starting at the lowest priority. (The node at which the document was retrieved does not influence the priority sorting. Also, the user display profile document always has the highest priority.)

  4. Taking the documents out of the bag, lowest priority first, then placing the next higher level priority document over this document, and applying merge and lock semantics.

  5. Continuing Process of Merging until all the documents have been taken out of the bag so that the system returns a value to the user that is a merge of the objects found in the documents.