Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


The DiscussionsProvider is JSPProvider based and uses the Desktop themes. It retrieves data from the back end Search service using search taglibs and API. The discussions and comments are stored as separate Resource Descriptors (RDs) in the discussion database. Discussion RDs require special schema. See schema.rdm file in the /var/opt/SUNWportal/searchservers/search1/config/ directory.

Discussions are stored in the discussion database specified in the dbname property in the display profile. Search server host (searchServer property) and database name (dbname property) are advanced properties that can be configured in the display profile.

The list of properties specific to DiscussionsProvider and their description are:


Specifies the path to the search server. By default, the value is search1/search.


Specifies the discussion database where discussions are stored. Any valid database can be specified.


Specifies the number of discussions to display on the main discussion page (full view).


Determines how the comment subtree is displayed. It can be set to flat or threaded to allow the comment subtree to be displayed as flat or threaded.


Specifies the filter for searching and displaying discussions and this controls display of the subtree. It can be based on ratings such as irrelevant, routine, interesting, important, or must read. By default, its value is irrelevant; so all comments rated irrelevant and above are displayed. The Must read filter will highlight the highly rated comments.


It can be set to expand all or collapse all. By default, its value is set to collapse all. If set to expand all, it will expand all the filtered comments, show description, rating menu, and allow user to post reply via links.


A user configurable property. If set to true, the discussion link gets displayed on an entire page; that is, JSPDynamicSingleContainer is invoked. If set to false, the discussion gets displayed within the channel within the tab.


An anonymous user can submit comments. Default author value for an anonymous user is picked from this property. Default value is anonymous. For example, it can be set to unknown author.


Enable or disable Search in discussions.


Specifies whether or not to show a description of the discussion.


Specifies the type of rating that can be done on a discussion. By default, discussions can be rated as irrelevant, routine, interesting, important, or must read. This property is not used in this release.