Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


The encoderClassName client type property maps an encoding algorithm (class) to a specific client type. This information is used by the ProviderContext.escape() method to escape strings in a client type specific manner.


This provides a generic operation for retrieving conditional properties. The most common conditions are locale and clientType, but the API is generic in that it allows you to define and base properties on any sort of condition.

In the administration console, the conditional properties are displayed as condition-value and can be edited like collections. The conditional properties can be nested and can be added to a channel or inside another conditional property. Use the Add Property page to add a new conditional property.

The <ConditionalProperties> tag must be used to define the filtering criteria. The tag contains the following required attributes:


Specifies name of the filter


Specifies the value to be used in the filter

In the display profile, the <ConditionalProperties> tag can be defined as outlined in the following example.

Example 24–1 <ConditionalProperties> Tag Usage Sample

    <String name="foo" value="bar">
    <ConditionalProperties condition="locale" value="de">
        <String name="foo" value="german bar">
        <String name="baz" value="a german baz value">
    <ConditionalProperties condition="client" value="nokia">
        <ConditionalProperties condition="locale" value="de">
            <String name="foo" value="nokia german bar">