Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


The SearchProvider JSPs are located in the /var/opt/SUNWportal/portals/<portal_id>/desktop/default/SearchProvider directory.

The JSPs available in the SearchProvider subdirectory and their functionality are:


Converts the advanced query to the list format. This JSP consists mostly of Java code, which is exposed so that the advanced search query list can be customized according to the schema changes.


Displays the interface to perform an advanced search, including the description menu. This JSP uses the SearchRequestBean to store request parameters and display the form values. The bean reduces Java scriptlets in the JSP.

You use this JSP to make changes to the advanced search interface, removal for search fields, and addition of fields.


Contains the browse-related code that shows up in the browse interface. Includes the category tree Home link and the Search in all categories, and Search within a category radio buttons.


Displays the interface to perform a basic search.


Sets and executes the parameters for category browsing using the search tag library. This JSP sets all the parameters required to browse and executes the search and includes the browseResults.jsp page.


Displays category tree in the browse section. (It consists of many Java scriptlets, so modifying this JSP requires good Java proficiency.)


Sets and executes the parameters for searching and browsing within categories using the Search tag library. The JSP sets the RDMType to rd-request and query language to search, and sets other search parameters. It includes the browseSearchResults.jsp page to display the category matches.


Displays the number of category matches found and the links to matching categories. (It consists of many Java scriptlets, so modifying this JSP requires good Java proficiency.)


Displays category list.


Displays database list.


Contains the description menu, that is, the Full, Brief, and Title menus. This menu is included in the basic, advanced, and browse interfaces.


Displays error messages.


Displays the list of pages, Next, and Previous links.


Is the portal server related JSP file. The user profile property values are retrieved from the portal server. The customer can substitute this file if the values can be retrieved from other data stores.


Specifies the number of matches found and displays document results, score, title, description for each document. (Consists of some Java scriptlets.)


Computes the scale that displays the document match relevance.


Displays the Content view of the Search channel, and delegates the request to other search JSPs, based on the request type. The basic search, advanced search, or browse interfaces are displayed based on the requested mode. The search results are displayed based on the request type.

This JSP includes the advancedSearch.jsp or basicSearch.jsp based on user selection. The browseSearch.jsp and searchOnly.jsp files are included only if the user has specified a query; otherwise the category tree (no search) is displayed from browseOnly.jsp. The pageFooter.jsp file is included to display the pagination bar in the Search channel.


Invoked when the user completes processing the Edit page of the Search channel.


Invoked when the user clicks the Edit button of the Search channel.


Contains the HTML ribbon for Basic, Advanced, and Browse links.


Sets and executes the parameters for search using search the tag library. The advQuery.jsp is included if its an advanced search. This JSP includes the results.jsp to display the document matches.