Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Chapter 34 Supported URLs

This chapter discusses about the supported URLs.

Supported URLs

Rewriter supports rewriting of all standard URLs as specified by RFC-1738. These URLs are supported whether the protocol is HTTP or HTTPS and regardless of the capitalization of the protocol. For example, hTtP, HTtp, and httP are all valid. Some sample standard URLs are listed below:*%20where%20name%%3Dobbins

Rewriter supports rewriting of some basic non-standard URLs. The information to convert non-standard URLs to a standard format is taken from the base URL of the page where the URL appears and can include the protocol, host name, and path. The back slash (dd is supported only when it is part of a relative URL and not part of an absolute URL. For example,\\index.html is rewritten, but http:\\\\ is not.

In addition, URLs with a single slash (/) after the protocol or scheme such as http:/ are not rewritten.