Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Applet Rules for HTML Content

A single web page can contain many applets, and each applet can contain many parameters. The Rewriter rule for URLs in applets should contain pattern matching information for the following:

Rewriter matches the values specified in the rule with the content of the applet and modifies the URLs as required. This replacement is carried out at the server and not when the user is browsing the particular web page. A wildcard character (*) can also be used as part of the rule. For example, the parameter name could be *, in which case, the Rewriter does not compare the parameter name in the applet.

The default ruleset does not rewrite any applet parameters.

The syntax for applet rules is:

<Applet source="sourcehtml.jsp" code="class" param="parameter_name"

where /sourcehtml.jsp is the URL containing the applet, class is the name of the applet class, parameter_name is the parameter whose value needs to be rewritten, and pattern indicates the part of the field to be rewritten. All content that follows the pattern specified is rewritten. The valuePatterns parameter is optional.