Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Filter Syntax

The filter.conf file contains definitions for enumeration and generation filters. This file can contain multiple filters for both enumeration and generation. Note that the robot can determine which filters to use because they are specified by the enumeration-filter and generation-filter parameters in the robot.conf file.

Filter definitions have a well-defined structure: a header, a body, and an end. The header identifies the beginning of the filter and declares its name; for example:

<Filter name="myFilter">

The body consists of a series of filter directives that define the filter’s behavior during setup, testing, enumeration or generation, and shutdown. Each directive specifies a function, and if applicable, parameters for the function.

The end is marked by </Filter>.

The following example shows a filter named enumeration1.

Example 43–1 Enumeration File Syntax

<Filter name="enumeration1>
Setup fn=filterrules-setup config=./config/filterrules.conf
# Process the rules
MetaData fn=filterrules-process
# Filter by type and process rules again
Data fn=assign-source dst=type src=content-type
Data fn=filterrules-process
# Perform the enumeration on HTML only
Enumerate enable=true fn=enumerate-urls max=1024 type=text/html
# Cleanup
Shutdown fn=filterrules-shutdown