Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


The functions discussed in this chapter operate at the Metadata and Data stages to allow or deny resources based on specific criteria specified by the function and its parameters.

These functions can be used in both Enumeration and Generation filters in the filter.conf file.

Each “filter-by” function performs a comparison, then either allows or denies the resource. Allowing the resource means that processing continues to the next filtering step. Denying the resource means that processing should stop, because the resource does not meet the criteria for further enumeration or generation.


The filter-by-exact function allows or denies the resource if the allow/deny string matches the source of information exactly. The keyword all matches any string.


The parameters used with the filter-by-exact function and their description are:


Source of information.


Contains a string.


The following example filters out all resources whose content-type is text/plain. It allows all other resources to proceed:

Data fn=filter-by-exact src=type deny=text/plain