Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Desktop Template Tags

This section describes the tags used in the HTML templates of the Desktop.

How the Desktop Template Tags Work

A template produces a channel, page, or table. The tags in a template are swapped with for real values at runtime. For example, the [tag:netmailSettings] tag swaps in a partial HTML template that has mail server information. The [tag:fontFace] tag swaps in the value of the font that the user has chosen on the Theme page. The [tag:switchColumns] tag swaps in the switchColumns.js template file, a JavaScript template, that lets users change how the columns are displayed on their Desktops.

Kinds of Tags Used in the Desktop Templates

The following is a two column table: column one lists the tag and column two provides a brief description of the corresponding tag.

[url: url]

url will be encoded at run time with the ProviderContext.encodeURL() method.

[surl: url]

url will be pre-appended by the static root at run time. For example, in a Web Server instance,

portal/web-apps/desktop/imag es/nothing.gif

dturl will be replaced by the desktop URL at run time. For example,