Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference


The tag library provides five types of exceptions.

Invalid Tag Sequence

Occurs when obtain tags are nested in an invalid sequence. See Using the Desktop Tag Library in Your Application for the sequencing of the obtain tags. The name of the first tag that violates the sequence is provided.

Invalid Provider Type

Occurs when a validation test is not passed. That is, the TLD does not support the current provider in the context. The name of the validator tag that failed is provided.

Invalid Parameter

Occurs when an attribute passed in with the tag is not a legal parameter for the tag. The name of the attribute that causes the problem is provided.

Undefined Parameter

Occurs when an attribute is passed in as reference, but the attribute is not defined in the page context. The name of the attribute is provided.

Empty Context

Occurs when there is no container or provider in the context to operate on. Most likely, the appropriate obtain tag is missing so the context is not set up properly.

The many of the Java classes that support these tags reside in a JAR file desktoptl.jar in the Web-Container-Instance/portal/web-apps/WEB-INF/lib directory. The classes for the jx.tld and jr.tld tags reside in the jsptl.jar file.