Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Chapter 62 Pre-Search Tags in search.tld

This chapter lists the pre-search tags and attributes in the search.tld file. These tags are used before executing a search. Before a successful search can be executed these tags must set a value for:

search.tld Tags for Pre-Search

Table 62–1 search.tld Tags for Pre-Search

Tag Name 




Sets the RDMServer variable. The server URL should be set explicitly. Format: http:// or https://hostname:port/search1/search Value has to be set. 

rdmServer (required) - server URL; can be an expression or a hardcoded string value. 


Sets the RDM Request type. RDMType - Can be one of: 

rd-request: The default request type. Resource descriptions (documents). 

taxonomy-request: Taxonomy. 

schema-request: The schema. 

server-request: Server information. 

status-request: Server status information. 

Set value explicitly; the default set by the system may not return the expected results. 

rdmType (required) - string 


Sets the search result attributes that are returned for the search. This is an optional tag. It assumes the default values if not set explicitly. 

viewAttributes (required) - string: null (all) or comma delimited list of attributes. 


The Search Server needs to validate the user’s identity for document level security. This tag is a wrapper for setSessionID(String) method in SearchContext. The JSP gets the portal access Token string and passes it along to the search server using this tag. 

sessionID (required) - string 


Sets the sorting order for results. 

viewOrder (required) - string: null or comma delimited list of attributes each proceeded with + for ascending order or - for descending order. For example: 

—score — sort results based on the descending relevancy (default) 

+title, —score — sort results by title first, score second. 


Sets the category id. It is mainly required for browsing and category searches. The category is appended to the query string based on the RDMType and query language in the executeSearch tag. 

category (required) - string: current category level; if not set, the search is not restricted by category. For example, category=Internal:Engineering:Java 


Specifies whether to serach in the current category only, or in all the sub-categories. Default value is true. 

searchAll (required) - Boolean 


setFirstHit takes a string input. Sets the starting hit for search results. In other words, start from 1, start from 11 and so forth. It corresponds to the setFirstHit() method in the Search API. Results are returned from this hit. This is an optional tag. Alternately you can use setPage and setViewHits. 

fromHit (required) - integer 


Sets the maximum number of hits returned. 

viewHits (required) - integer - dynamic attribute 


Query string. Either this value has to be set or else setCriteria has to be set. 

query (required) - string - dynamic attribute 


Sets the name of the database to search. 

database (required) - string - dynamic attribute 


Sets the first hit by taking the view hits (using setViewHits) as a page size. Do not use, setPage and setFirstHit together.. 

page (required) - integer - dynamic attribute 


Sets the query language. 

ql - Can be one of: 

search: The default Search query language. Searches documents or the taxonomy. 

taxonomy-basic: Used for requesting branches or parts of the taxonomy. 

schema-basic: Queries the Search schema. 

url: Retrieves RDs by URL (scope=url). 

ql (required) - string 


Sets the query string in a list format. Useful in advanced search. 

The list should have an operand, operator and a value.The list of valid operator’s are defined in the SearchContext API. The operand can be a schema field. 

The user can bypass this tag and just use the setQuery tag directly by converting a complex query into the syntax that the search engine requires. 

The setCriteria tag is a wrapper for the setScope(list) method in the searchContext API. This method basically parses the list and converts it into a string. For example, author CONTAINS xyz.  

Either this value has to be set or else setQuery has to be set. 

criteria (required) - string - dynamic attribute