Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

The Desktop and Template Files

Providers that use template files hardcode their names and the template file names are not configurable in the Display Profile. For Providers that are based on JSP provider, the names of the JSP used by provider can be administratively changed as it is a property of the channel.

Both JSP and Desktop templates serve the purpose of separating business and presentation logic in the Portal Server 7.1. JSP is an accepted standard and is widely employed in many web-based applications. Desktop templates pre-date the emergence of JSP. JSP has many advantages over Desktop templates.

It is highly recommended that new Portal Server 7.1 providers be based on JSP and the Portal Server 7.1 JSPProvider. However, there may be cases where the simplicity of Desktop templates provides an advantage. Desktop templates are fully supported in Portal Server 7.1. Many pieces of the product, such as the communications channels, continue to use them.