Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Rewriter Rulesets

Rewriter Rulesets is a service, which is available as the Rewriter Rulesets tab in the Secure Remote Access tab of Portal Server Administration console. When you click the tab, the Rewriter Rulesets page is displayed. The Rewriter Rulesets page lists the available rulesets in the Gateway. Each ruleset is a file that defines how the contents in a Web page should be rewritten by the Rewriter attributes. You can download an existing ruleset, upload a new ruleset to the list, and delete an available ruleset from the list. You can perform these tasks as follows:

ProcedureTo Download a Ruleset

Before You Begin

The prerequisite to perform these tasks is to specify one or more configuration attributes . See the for more information on configuration attributes.

  1. Select a ruleset from the Gateway Rulesets list.

  2. Click Download.

    You can save the ruleset or open and view in the default Web browser.

ProcedureTo Upload a Ruleset

  1. Click Upload New.

    The Upload New Ruleset page displays.

  2. Click Browse to choose the ruleset to upload.

  3. Click Upload.

ProcedureTo Delete a Ruleset

  1. Select a ruleset from the Gateway Rulesets list.

  2. Click Delete.