Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Status and Control

The Robot Overview panel is where you can see what the robot is doing. If it is Off, Idle, Running, or Paused; and if it is Running, what progress it is making in the search since the panel is refreshed about every 30 seconds. The refresh rate is defined using the robot-refresh parameter in the search.conf file.

If the robot is Off, the buttons are Start and Clear Robot Database . The Start button is at the top and the Clear Robot Database button is at the bottom of the panel. If the robot is Running or Idle, the two buttons are Stop and Pause. If it is Paused, the two buttons are Stop and Resume. By selecting on any of the Attributes, you go to the Reports section where you can get a detailed up-to-the-minute report of that Attribute.

The table below lists the Robot Overview attributes and their description.

Table 4–1 Robot Overview Attributes


Default Value 


The Robot is 

Current activity 

The Robot’s state. Value can be Idle, Running, Paused, or Off 

Last Updated at 

Date and time last refreshed. 

This page is refreshed to keep you aware of what progress the robot is making. 

Starting Points 

Number defined 

Displays the sites that the robot crawls to generate resource descriptions. The robot does not index resources from disabled sites. 

URL Pool 

Number URLs waiting 

Number of URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) yet to be investigated. When you begin a search, the starting point URLs are entered into the URL pool. As the search progresses, the robot discovers links to other URLs. These URLs get added to the pool. After all the URLs in the pool have been processed, the URL pool is empty and the robot is idle. 


Number connections per second 

Number of resources looked at in a second. 

Extracting is the process of discovering or locating resources, documents or hyperlinks to be included in the database and filtering out unwanted items. 


Number URLs rejected 

Total number of URLs that are excluded. 


Number URLs per second 

Number of resources or documents turned into a resource description in a second. 

Indexing is the phase when all the information that has been gathered on a document is turned into a resource description for inclusion in the search database. 

Excluded URLs 

Number URLs excluded by filters 

Number of URLs that did not meet the filtering criteria. 


Number URLs excluded by errors 

Number of URLs where the robot encountered errors as file not found. 

Resource Descriptions 

Number RDs contributed 

Number of resource descriptions added to the database. 


Number Bytes of RDs contributed 

Number of bytes added to the database. 

General Stats 

Number URLs retrieved 

Number of URLs retrieved during run. 


Number Bytes average size of RDs 

Average number of bytes per resource description.


Time in days, hours, minutes, and seconds running 

The amount of time the robot has been running.