Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Import Agents

Import agents are the processes that bring resource descriptions from other servers or databases and merge them into your search database.

The initial Manage Import Agents page lists the available import agents. You can select an import agent by selecting the checkbox preceding to it. Click the New, Enable, Disable, Delete, or Run All Enabled Import Agents to perform the necessary action on the selected import agent. To schedule the import agents, select Scheduling on the lower menu bar.

If you choose to create a new import agent or edit or modify an existing import agent, the following database import agent attributes are displayed.

The table below lists the Database Import Agent attributes and their description.

Table 5–2 Database Import Agent Attributes


Default Value 


Import agent source 

Local File 

Select either Local File or Remote Server (if one is enabled). 

Local File Path 

Blank for new 

Gives the full path name of local file that contains valid resource descriptions in search result (Summary Object Interchange Format). This can be a file on another server, as long as the path is addressable as if it were locally mounted. 

Destination Database 


Name of the destination database. 

Remote Server Host 

Blank for new 

Gives the URL of the search server to retrieve resource descriptions from; the format is:

Remote Server Port 

Blank for new 

Specify the port number for the given remote server host. For example, 8080

Search URI 

Blank for new 

Enter full path and file names. Use /search1/search.

Enable SSL 


If this is a server-to-server transaction, select if the servers should use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. 


Blank for new or none 

If you selected Use User/Password, enter a user. 


Blank for new or none 

If you selected Use User/Password, enter a password (shown as *). 

Content Transfer 


By default, an import agent asks for all resource descriptions added or changed since its last import from the same source. 

The search query specifies that the import agent should request only certain resource descriptions from the source. This is much the same way that users request listings of resources from the search database. 

Use Scope, View-Attributes and View-Hits fields to specify the query. 


Blank for new 

The text of the query. The query syntax is identical to that used for end-user queries from the server. 


Blank for new 

Lists which fields (not case sensitive) you want to import in each resource description. For example, title and author. The default is all. 


Blank for new 

The maximum number of matching resource descriptions to import. If no hits are specified, it defaults to 20. 

Network Timeout in seconds 

Blank for new 

Specifies the number of seconds the import agent will allow before timing out the connection over the network. You can adjust this to allow for varying network traffic and quality.


Blank for new 

Title of the import agent. 

Remote Database 


Name of the database on the remote server.