Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Example for Global Properties Sample

Example 19–1 Global Properties Sample in the Display Profile dp-org.xml File

<DisplayProfile version="1.0" priority="10">

        <Collection name="GlobalThemes" propagate="false">
            <Collection name="SunTheme">
        <Collection name="UserTheme">
        <String name="docroot" value=”/docs/”/>
        <ConditionalProperties condition="locale">
            <String name="en_US" value="English (United States)"/>
        <String name="helpURL" value="en/desktop/usedesk.htm" advanced="true"/>
        <Collection name="userDefinedChannels" propagate="false"/>

The list of all global attributes available with the default installation of the sample portal and their description are:


Defines the global themes for the Desktop. Themes are mainly focused on channel decoration like background color, channel border color, border width, and font face. Custom themes give the end user the ability to change the look and feel of the Desktop beyond the preset themes.

Global themes can be added in the display profile and changed by users in their Desktops. See “Customizing the Global Themes” on page 259 for information on adding global themes.


Defines the theme that shows up in the user’s Desktop. The value must be one of the collection values defined in GlobalThemes. In dp-org.xml file, the value can be either theme1 or theme2. When users customize their Desktops, the value UserTheme will change.


Specifies the online help doc root relative to the installed portal/static location. See the Javadocs for more information on the getHelp() method in the ProviderContext API.


Specifies a default help file that is used by all containers. If helpURL is specified in the container provider definition, then that one is used.


Specifies the page to allow users to Create New Channel.