Sun Java System Portal Server 7.1 Technical Reference

Display Profile Property Types

This section lists the property types for provider definitions. These can be used with leaf and container providers. This three column table lists the property types in the first column, a brief description in the second column, and an example in the third.

Table 18–1 Display Profile General Property Types

Property Type 




An atomic object representing a Boolean value.

<Boolean name="removable" value="true"/>


An object representing either a list or hash table. A collection is a type of property, or named bag, in which to put other properties.

<Collection name="channelsRow">

<String name="App" value="5"/>



Defines the filtering criteria. The most common conditions are locale and clientType, but the API is generic in that it allows you to define and base properties on any sort of condition. condition and value are required attributes.

In the administration console, the conditional properties are displayed as condition-value and can be edited like collections. The conditional properties can be nested and can be added to a channel or inside another conditional property. Use the Add Property page to add a new conditional property.

<ConditionalProperties condition="locale">

<String name="en_US" value="English (United States)"/>



An atomic object representing an integer value.

<Integer name="numberOfHeadlines" value="7"/>


An object representing a pointer to a channel definition (that is, to a channel name in a container’s selected and available channel lists.) Reference is an unnamed string useful for design tools to be able to distinguish such things from strings.

<Reference value="UserInfo"/>


An atomic object representing a string value.

<String name="title" value="Table Container Channel 1"/>