Sun Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide

Prerequisite Administration Tasks

Before you begin administering the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software, you must identify the Sun Cluster installations you need to host protection groups. Then, you need to adjust the Sun Cluster configuration and environment to support the formation of partnerships and protection groups with the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software. The following table describes these prerequisite tasks.

Table 2–2 Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Prerequisite Tasks



Set the SC-clustername to the cluster name you want to use with the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software.

Use the scconf(1M) command. For more information, see How to Enable Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Software.

Set up the IP address and host maps for the cluster that is enabled to run Sun Cluster Geographic Edition software. 

See Chapter 2, Installing and Configuring Sun Cluster Software, in Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS.

Install and configure your data replication product. 

See the Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 3.2.1, Hitachi TrueCopy, or EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility documentation. 

This step is required before you can create protection groups with the geopg create command.

Port and configure application configuration and corresponding resource groups on clusters that are candidates for partnership. 

You can use the Sun Cluster scsnapshot tool to facilitate porting of application resource groups. See Creating and Modifying a Partnership for more information.

Enable the common agent container on all nodes of both clusters.  

See Enabling the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition Software.